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Conversations with
GWRJ Authors

Published GWRJ authors talk about their GWRJ article writing experiences, including choosing topics, engage with writing research terms, and working with the GWRJ editorial team. 

Alicia Shupe

Keeping It Personal: A Conversation on the Importance of Self in a GWRJ Article

Janine Blue interviews Alicia Shupe talks about how she came up with the idea for her GWRJ article “Manic Panic: When You’re Not a Natural Rainbow Head.” Shupe shares how they researched such a personal topic of discussion and why everyone can start writing a GWRJ article by looking inward.

Read the text transcript of this interview printed in the GWRJ current issue 15.1.

Read Alicia Shupe’s original GWRJ article, “Manic Panic: When You’re Not a Natural Rainbow Head,” in the GWRJ issue 13.2.

Alyssa Herman and Edcel Javier Cintron-Gonzalez

People and Places: Research Doesn't Happen in a Bubble

Edcel Javier Cintron-Gonzalez interviews Alyssa Herman who goes in-depth about her writing research identity and how it affected the writing and research process for her article. Herman discusses using resources such as friends and Milner Library and talks about ethical research practices.


Read the text transcript of this interview printed in the GWRJ issue 14.2.

Read Alyssa Herman’s original GWRJ article, “The Danger of Filter Bubbles and Digital Isolation: Exploring Ethical Research Practices,” in the GWRJ issue 10.1.

Ellen Sundermeier and Edcel Javier Cintron-Gonzalez

Tolkien, Genre, and Uptake: The Process of Handwritten Letters

Edcel Javier Cintron-Gonzalez interviews Ellen Sundermeier about everyday genres and her passion for handwriting letters to her friends and family. Sundermeier talks about the genre research she conducted for her article and how being conscious of her uptake while writing letters makes her a better writer.

Read the text transcript of this interview printed in the GWRJ issue 14.1.


Read Ellen Sundermeier’s original GWRJ article, “The Magic of Handwritten Letters: Socialization in JRR Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas,” in the GWRJ issue 12.1.

Leslie Hancock and Emily Capan

Gaming's No Joke: A Discussion on Connecting League of Legends to Grassroots

Emily Capan interviews Leslie Hancock who discusses how content research in the Grassroots journal led to her article about a video game. Hancock goes in-depth about integrating writing terms into such a popular hobby.

Read the text transcript of this interview printed in the GWRJ issue 11.2.


Read Leslie Hancock’s original GWRJ article, “From Noob to Veteran in League of Legends: Activity Systems and Genre Analysis in Video Games,” in the GWRJ issue 11.1.

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