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GWRJ Issue 14.2

Spring 2024

Janine Blue

Making Sense of All the Writing: My Embodied Literate Activity

Blue examines her literary practices as a creative writer and takes a deep dive into how she uses and nurtures her five senses as she engages with writing.

Emad Hakim & Ahmed Hamdy

Genres, Multimodal Composition, and Access: Stories of Personal and Embodied Experience

Hakim interviews his friend, scholar and activist Ahmed Hamdy, about his literate activities. The authors discuss the interconnectedness of multimodal genres and accessibility by examining their lived experiences within different contexts and ideologies.

Jennifer Coe

Picturing Literate Activity: A Tale of Two Writing Spaces

In two images, Jennifer Coe shows the tools behind—and underneath—the devices she uses to be able to write on multiple screens and in different positions.

Ali Bazzi

Identifying the Symbiotic Potential Between Writing and ADHD

Bazzi explores the understudied and often understated relationship between writing
and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Bazzi shares ways to see that, when
harnessed effectively, writers with ADHD can transform the writing process from a daunting task into a holistically expressive, fulfilling, and transformative activity.

Abantika Dhar

The Transition of Writing Researcher Identities: From a Self-Conscious Second Language Writer to a More Confident Graduate Student Writer and Researcher


Dhar uses her newly acquired knowledge of concepts like antecedent knowledge and writing researcher identity to discuss the evolution of her learning as a second language writer. She uses examples of her writing from classes in Bangladesh and the US to explore how a rhetorical genre studies focus has helped her to understand the evolution and expansion of her translingual writing identity.

Lauren Kendrick

Who's Teaching Whom? Learning and Teaching in the Leadership Gym

Kendrick describes her experience of working with disabled young people in leadership gym as a complex activity system. She shares her story of how her antecedent knowledge expanded to include new knowledge of the complex tools, goals, rules, and people involved in leadership gym.

Hannah Davis

The Heart of a CNA

Davis dives into some of the different kinds of knowledge and literacies involved in the working life and habits of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and a patient care technician

Alyssa Herman

The Danger of Filter Bubbles and Digital Isolation: Exploring Ethical Research Practices


Herman uses Eli Pariser’s concept of filter bubbles to understand (un)ethical information-seeking behaviors and research habits. Drawing on past experiences with academic research, Herman unpacks how we can consciously embrace ethical research and writing practices as responsible writing researchers.

Alyssa Herman & Edcel Javier Cintron-Gonzalez

People and Places: Research Doesn't Happen in a Bubble


Herman and Cintron-Gonzalez talk about researching and writing for Herman's article "The Danger of Filter Bubbles and Digital IsolationL Exploring Ethical Research Practices".

Rachel Gramer

Picturing Literate Activity: Lights, Words, Writing after Dark

What does it look like when you’re writing after dark? Rachel Gramer shares her after-dark writing space full of lights and words that each have their own stories to share, too.

Piper Coe

GWRJ Short: This Blanket Is a Text


The Grassroots Writing Research Journal presents a new genre: the GWRJ Short. Here,
describing how crocheted or knit blankets are texts, Piper Coe discusses multimodality,
remediation, and how makers use temperature blankets to make visual meaning.

Amelia Heinze

BTS Albums through the Years

Amelia Heinze takes readers on a journey through the world of K-pop and South Korean
boy band BTS to explore how album covers can act as powerful visual texts that communicate messages about musical genres and the bands that create them.

Jessica Kreul

GWRJ Short: The Multimodality of Texting

In this GWRJ Short, Jessica Kreul dissects the common language, structure, and  techniques used in texting by examining the different modes we use to mimic verbal speech. This examination helps demonstrate how texting as a conversational, multimodal genre follows its own set of rules and genre conventions.

Sofia Link

Documenting Literate Activity: A Stop-Motion Journal Tour

The Grassroots Writing Research Journal presents a new genre: Documenting Literate
Activity. Here, using P-CHAT and other writing concepts, Sofia Link shares the journey of making a stop-motion journal tour, exploring what it takes to create something new and finding joy in the process.

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