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Learning Practice:
Writing Research

Writing research is a practice we use to examine how our writing practices, skills, and embodied feelings shape how we write, learn writing, and adapt to writing in particular situations.


Through participation in ISU Writing Program courses, you will:


Practice P-CHAT (ISU Writing Program’s pedagogical version of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory) as a tool to make visible your complex writing practices, skills, and dispositions as they have developed and changed over time, and to better understand what to do and how to make texts for particular writing situations

Language Difference

Describe how and why you see yourself using different language(s)–and using language differently–as a norm in texts across writing situations, and explore the origins and trajectories of particular kinds of language difference


Produce texts in different modes and genres as a tool to explore and expand your understandings of yourself as a writer

Antecedent Knowledge

Describe your antecedent knowledge and socialized experiences with writing that influence how you write, how you are learning writing as a college student, and how you understand yourself as a writer right now

Cultures and Communities

Describe complex relationships between your writing, your writing identity, and the particular cultures and communities that you write within, for, and about

Discourse Communities

Identify specific writing skills and knowledge (those you have, don’t have yet, want to learn, need to improve, need to be able to adapt) and how your skills and knowledge both enable and limit your writing participation in specific discourse communities

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