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Writing for the GWRJ

Resources for writing for the Grassroots Writing Research Journal

A comic panel depicting a step in engaging in risk assessment and featuring a illustration of a water bottle.
  • Full-length GWRJ articles

  • GWRJ Shorts

  • Documenting Literate Activity

  • Picturing Literate Activity

  • Grassroots Graphics

  • GWRJ Uptakes

  • GWRJ Co-Interviews

In brief videos, 7 GWRJ writers and editors share insights about what they think makes a great GWRJ writing research article

The first page of a GWRJ comic titled Masking Literacy by Anya Gregg and Ellie Stamer.

GWRJ articles can be about any literate activity topic, but what they have in common is how they talk about writing as a complex activity. These conventions about how GWRJ articles approach writing can be a starting place for thinking about writing a GWRJ article that helps us unlearn simplistic stories about writing and replace them with more accurate and complex research-based narratives of complexity.

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