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Learning Practice:
Content Research

Content research is a practice we use to find, process, and attribute information we are writing about, including evaluating all information, practicing ethical citation, and recognizing all research as someone’s writing for a particular writing situation.

Through participation in ISU Writing Program courses, you will:


Practice P-CHAT (ISU Writing Program’s pedagogical version of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory) as a tool to make visible all available research tools, diverse research sources, and ethical citation practices

Language Difference

Describe how and why you see writers using different language(s)–and using language differently–in the research writing they produce, in particular sources that share information, and in citation practices within and beyond the US


Create genre-appropriate in-text citations and reference lists in the modes and genres you are producing texts in, while learning to recognize diverse ways that writers attribute information in different genres, modes, and texts

Antecedent Knowledge

Describe your antecedent knowledge and experiences with researching content and how you might interrogate your own embodied positionality and complicate your understanding of what counts as research, as credible sources of information, and as ethical citation practices

Culture and Communities

Practice finding, evaluating, organizing, and citing sources of useful information and diverse perspectives from a range of cultures and communities using appropriate research tools, including and beyond familiar and new-to-you online resources

Discourse Communities

Identify and practice strategies for evaluating information and sources for accuracy, relevance to your topic, and usefulness for your purposes; for determining the beliefs and goals in other researchers’ writing; and for attributing information ethically through genre-specific citations–all in ways that are recognized by the discourse communities you and your writing are participating in

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