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Learning Practice:
Participatory Assessment

Participatory assessment is a set of practices we use to identify, describe, and evaluate texts written in particular genres.

  • Practice 1: self-assessment is a practice we use to evaluate our own writing

  • Practice 2: peer assessment is a practice we use to evaluate peers’ writing

  • Practice 3: collaborative assessment is a practice we use to co-construct across institutional roles (teacher, student) to determine how to evaluate individuals’ or groups’ writing

Through participation in ISU Writing Program courses, you will:


Practice P-CHAT (ISU Writing Program’s pedagogical version of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory) as a tool to make visible how we can assess writing in the context of particular situations, how we can customize our learning goals for specific situations over time, and how we can learn to assess writing in more equitable ways

Language Difference

Describe how and why you see yourself and others using different language(s)–and using language differently–in specific texts that you write and self-asses, and especially in texts that your peers create using language and making choices that differ from yours


Produce texts in different modes and genres as assessment tools that provide concrete evidence of how and why you are evaluating your own and others’ writing based on genre research and your evolving understanding of genre conventions

Antecedent Knowledge

Describe how your antecedent knowledge and experiences with writing in particular genres has influenced your learning trajectory over time, your positionality as someone assessing your and others’ writing, and the specific texts you write and self-assess

Cultures and Communities

Practice co-constructing assessment tools that take into account the complex relationships between our writing identities, our writing in particular genres, and the diverse cultures and communities that we write within, for, and about

Discourse Communities

Identify specific writing moves and genre conventions in practice in specific texts as you evaluate how your and others’ writing might participate in complex discourse communities where people will evaluate your texts’ relative effectiveness and limitations

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