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Activity Resources

In this video, Faith Benson explains the concept of activity systems and the  elements that comprise them. 

In this video, Amy Zawistowski demonstrates how activity theory can be applied practically to marketing for a small business. 

In this video, the speaker discusses how non-human things and ideas can influence activity systems.

This article discusses CHAT and how it can be used as a framework to analyze complex and evolving professional activity systems.

In this article, Joyce R. Walker discusses why and how one can use Cultural Historical Activity Theory for writing pedagogy.


In this brief video, Kenton Hemsing explains first generation activity theory. 


In this video, Michelle Wright Dottore shows how writers can use CHAT to break down and understand the act of writing. 


 In this brief video, Kenton Hemsing explains second generation activity theory and the factors that influence an activity system.

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